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Sample Mold Report by Aurora Mold Inspections Bergen County NJ

The results of a professional mold testing by Aurora Mold Inspections is summarized [HERE], in an easy to read sample mold report. It offers clear determinations that you can understand and that can be acted upon, if a problem ever exists. The faster a problem is detected, the faster you can take action to improve the health of your home and family.

If a mold problem does not exist, our mold inspection and report will ease your mind. See a sample mold report [HERE].

Mold Inspector Bergen County NJ | Aurora Mold Inspections

We offer the most experienced mold inspector and indoor air consultant services in Bergen County NJ. We are licensed, certified, and insured to test for Mold and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) as well as Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) testing. Our services are backed by an exclusive Mold Test Accuracy guarantee with our InspectorLab testing services. No other company can compare with our years of experience and qualifications. Please see them [HERE]. The technology and science behind testing evolve and it is very important to stay on top of the current findings.

You can’t feel safe, healthy, and comfortable in a home that has mold issues. That’s why inspecting and testing for mold are so important, and it’s crucial to have an inspection company with the education and experience that we have. We test throughout the Bergen County, Northern New Jersey, and Rockland County NY area.

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